About DoTheNumbers (DTN)

Why does DTN exist?

Have you got a bunch of kick-ass business or project ideas? That’s awesome! You are not alone; most entrepreneurs I have met have more than 10 million-dollar ideas mulling around their heads. The biggest problem is that those ideas very rarely exit the confines of the mind and come to fruition.

There are many reasons cited why those ideas almost never will be executed upon. Explanations such as “I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t have enough money” are the usual justifications for the halting of the development of the idea, and to be perfectly fair, these concerns are perfectly reasonable, human beings are inherently risk averse. People are prioritizing other lower risk (and lower reward) projects because they don’t fully understand the dynamics of their idea.

What if you get it wrong? What if you lose all that time on this idea? Would another idea have been more profitable?

One of the best ways to break out of this decision paralysis is to breakdown the business or the problem solved in quantitative way. Looking at an idea on an analytical basis allows you to make smarter decisions when optimizing your time and money.

DoTheNumbers hopes to help you make those decisions via quantitative analysis!

How will we achieve this?

The goal of this website is to provide you with the analytical toolbox to make fast informed decisions about which business & ideas to invest your time and money. I aim to provide these tools in the following format:

  1. Tips & tricks for doing market research (Blog)
  2. Discussion of valuation theory with practical explanations and instructions (Blog)
  3. Tutorials on Financial Modeling (Video)
  4. My personal library of documents, presentations & financial models (I will send you FREE IDEA EVALUATION SPREADHEET upon signing up to our Newsletter!)

My hope is that by following my blog that you will be able not only be able to make smarter investment decisions but also:

  1. Create professional fully developed business plans.
  2. Create financial models and know how to manipulate them.
  3. Negotiate with clients & partners on a quantitative basis (and avoid signing bad deals).
  4. Adopt and analytical methodology to assist you in making how to invest your time and money.

If whenever you don’t understand something or disagree with something I say. Please go ahead and write me or respond to my posts. I look forward to any feedback and learn better ways to teach.

Ian Mack

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About Me


My name is Ian Mack. I have been a financial advisor for 10+ years, focusing on the quantitative side of the analysis. I initially worked in New York City for an international investment bank helping large companies analyze billion dollar investments, but in the last few years I have independently consulted small & medium sized business evaluate new projects & strategies.

My advisory team and I have helped enable hundreds of business owners understand the real value their companies and make value based decisions for companies. Value-based management is a way of thinking and evaluating basically every single business decision, it can be as important as calculating how much you should sell your business for, or hiring that secretary to take over some of the menial tasks of your hands.
Smart business owners don´t just rely on their “gut feeling” when making a decision. Our wish is to help our readers quantify their business objectives or decisions such that an analytical and justified decision can be made.